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CES 2013: Best animated moments


Windows Surface is Doomed

Microsoft is doomed.   This is the popular cliché.   However, this week, I saw something that made it all so clear.   Our annual Christmas office party was this week.   Those attending can best be described as grandmothers and older mothers.   Someone brought their iPad.   The entire group was thrilled when they saw the iPad.   You would think someone just brought out pictures of their new grandchildren.   Actually, the pictures came later, courtesy of the iPad.   Those without iPads talked excitedly about their plans to buy one this Christmas.     Though they use computers regularly, they merely tolerate them.   For them, computers are simply an ugly necessity.   Yet, this group loves their iPads.   They are not at all intimidated.   They are genuinely excited, even weeks after their purchases.   They “love” their iPads in the same way technology addicts like myself “love” our own shiny new computers or gadgets.   While geeks like me debate the merits between Android