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Virginia Earthquake!

I guess you heard about our earthquake today. The month before we were in Chicago, we were in San Francisco. I was disappointed that we did not get an example of one of those California tremors everyone talks about as being a routine part of life. The whole city seems constructed to withstand an earthquake, so you really don't worry about it. Contrast that to Chicago. No offense, but that city looks like it is designed to pancake all of its layers on top of each other as soon as the Earth decides to shake a tiny bit. The fact that so much of the city has stood for so long is testimony to the fact that no earthquakes hit Chicago. In fact, every morning we got up and looked out of our hotel room, I would comment: "Wow! I sure wouldn't want to be in an earthquake in this place," noting especially the layers upon layers of roadways, all on top of one another like some crazy Dr. Seuss picture. The epicenter for today's quake was about 30 miles from us and just a

Friendeo and Andrew Mussey

Andrew Mussey spent the last nine months working for a company at a new technology center in Blacksburg, Virginia, called TechPad . Specifically, he has been the lead software engineer for a new application called “ Friendeo .” The Chief Technology Officer of the United States visited TechPad this past Friday and was extremely interested in Friendeo. The Roanoke Times covered this visit and his interest in Friendeo. TechPad's Facebook page also has photos of the visit at A cool video about Friendeo is on Friendeo's FaceBook page: See the video UPDATE: Robert Scoble is breaking the news about Friendeo's arrival!