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Cartoon in this week's Free Lance Star: Terrorist doctors


The latest animation: Thoughts on its production

Another animation has, finally, been completed. Often, this serves as a useful time to step back and reflect on what went right and wrong, as well as the tools used to complete the job. The project had sharp limitations: Less than 30-seconds, factual accuracy, and convey the message in a memorable manner. As usual, I completed the soundtrack first. Soundtrack editing programs are all fairly generic. You simply need to be able to layer the sounds in a somewhat reversible manner. Typically, this comprises all of the “planning” or “storyboarding” that I need for a project. I got stuck, however, at trying to time a lot of the events in the animation. I also was baffled at creating a rapid transition midway through the animation that would take the viewer from land to water. About this time, I had invested in Toon Boom’s Storyboard Pro. There is a cheaper version now available, also. I was very uncertain about my investment in the first few weeks of this program’s ownership. The progra

The River Animation is finished!

Here it is! This animation was created totally in ToonBoom SOLO.