Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hospital-Admin-Speak: A new language

Anyone who has ever served time on a hospital administration committee knows what I'm talking about.  This is where the vast difference between the world of hospital administration versus the world of doctors and nurses becomes clear.

As a side note for those interested in the process of creating these animations:
I experimented with a different method of creating the talking head portion.  The result was not what I wanted, but it was interesting...
Here is the comparison video:

Friday, January 1, 2016

Animating on Paper: The Sneeze 1992

I made my last animation with tracing paper and a pen back in 1992. 

At the time, I was mainly drawing with a Summagraphics Sketch Pad attached to a desktop Amiga Computer with a ton of peripherals. Even though they all filled a room, it still only output low resolution video.

After a day of traveling 23 years ago, I sat down with a black marker and my tracing pad and drew this animation.  When I got home, I scanned the drawings, colored them and compiled them with triggered sound events in Disney Animation Studio. 

Paper drawn animation of this type has an interesting jitter referred to as “Line-Boil.”  Like the early animators, I believed line-boil was a terrible imperfection.  Sometimes, however, it makes the animation interesting. 

Around the mid 1990’s and later, television grew to like line-boil and added the deliberate exaggerated effect to many titles and animations.

Anyway, I found the original 1992 drawing files for "The Sneeze" and, with some effort, was able to reassemble them into this cartoon for posting.

I now use Toon Boom Harmony and a Cintiq, which is light years away from Deluxe Paint and Disney Animation Studio on the Amiga platform and even further away from painting acetate sheets and filming them with a Super 8mm camera frame by frame.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Huge picture.  You have to click on it to view it full on your computer screen.
It's my version of our hospital's computer system.
It consists of a gazillion various modules, some decades old, all hobbled together to create the current system.  Multiple vendors are involved.  Many of the sections are obsolete.  I'm pretty certain vacuum tubes and mechanical switches are needed for some of the sections.
This could work...
Our office rule:  A drug needs to be out for about two years before we consider using it.  There are exceptions, of course.
I used to get all bent out of shape when a cell phone went off in the room.
What's the point?  This is more common than you think.

Dang!  That's so unfair!!!
This is actually a redo of a multi-frame cartoon I did in residency.  Newspapers need their cartoons to be in one or two square format.