Sunday, September 27, 2015

Huge picture.  You have to click on it to view it full on your computer screen.
It's my version of our hospital's computer system.
It consists of a gazillion various modules, some decades old, all hobbled together to create the current system.  Multiple vendors are involved.  Many of the sections are obsolete.  I'm pretty certain vacuum tubes and mechanical switches are needed for some of the sections.
This could work...
Our office rule:  A drug needs to be out for about two years before we consider using it.  There are exceptions, of course.
I used to get all bent out of shape when a cell phone went off in the room.
What's the point?  This is more common than you think.

Dang!  That's so unfair!!!
This is actually a redo of a multi-frame cartoon I did in residency.  Newspapers need their cartoons to be in one or two square format.
Get ready for flu and cold season!
We had a fly in our office this week which was only a bit smaller!
I've actually told a couple of patients this.  You have to be careful, though....

Time for ad-blocker software!
I've always wanted to do this!
That diet, exercise and weight loss stuff never works anyway!
Uh... This isn't funny.....
I've had several computer security specialists as patients.  They claim they can break into any system, using widely available tools on the market.

Why haven't EMR companies been hacked?

Answer: They have.  They just aren't telling you.

I wish this was not based on personal experience.
Any upgrade.  Windows 10?  A new EMR update?
...There WILL be casualties....
One of the big local clinics owned a CT scanner.  Got a problem?  You got a scan.

Funnel Cake... One of my most favorite foods!  Why can't this be true?
Usually after another "helpful" EMR software update!
It's really not been THIS bad in the office.... but it's been close!
Thank goodness he died with his LDL at target!
We do a lot of the Civil War in Fredericksburg.  I'm pretty certain this is how the war was won by the North.
Don't worry.  The Electronic Health Record is good for you!
We see a lot of this!

Doctor burn-out is not pretty!
Most of my practice is frame #3.
Hopefully, congress will prevent such tragic scenes.
Pain Clinics....
Some office encounters cause instant physician insanity....