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Finally! A Tablet PC for Toon Boom

Hewlett Packard's (HP) newest Tablet PC, the "tm2" arrived this year.  It is the first Tablet PC that can actually run Toon Boom animation software appropriately.
In July 2010, HP also released an updated tm2 Tablet PC with faster Intel i3 and i5 processors and an updated ATI graphics coprocessor.
Why is this Tablet PC unique and important?

1. This is the only Tablet PC with an added and switchable graphics coprocessor. This makes it more suitable for gaming (not that I am much of a gamer) and demanding graphics or video applications.

2. Most importantly, for Toon Boom fans, this is probably the only Tablet PC with sufficient horsepower to run Animate Pro and Toon Boom Studio without major compromises.

3. Amazingly, this Tablet PC is half the price of far lesser configurations from other vendors, including the Compaq/HP Business division.

The “tm2” as tested utilizes an i5 Intel U430 processor with an ATI graphics coprocessor, the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5450 . It contai…