Animating on Paper: The Sneeze 1992

I made my last animation with tracing paper and a pen back in 1992. 

At the time, I was mainly drawing with a Summagraphics Sketch Pad attached to a desktop Amiga Computer with a ton of peripherals. Even though they all filled a room, it still only output low resolution video.

After a day of traveling 23 years ago, I sat down with a black marker and my tracing pad and drew this animation.  When I got home, I scanned the drawings, colored them and compiled them with triggered sound events in Disney Animation Studio. 

Paper drawn animation of this type has an interesting jitter referred to as “Line-Boil.”  Like the early animators, I believed line-boil was a terrible imperfection.  Sometimes, however, it makes the animation interesting. 

Around the mid 1990’s and later, television grew to like line-boil and added the deliberate exaggerated effect to many titles and animations.

Anyway, I found the original 1992 drawing files for "The Sneeze" and, with some effort, was able to reassemble them into this cartoon for posting.

I now use Toon Boom Harmony and a Cintiq, which is light years away from Deluxe Paint and Disney Animation Studio on the Amiga platform and even further away from painting acetate sheets and filming them with a Super 8mm camera frame by frame.


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