Animate Pro announced! HOO HA!!!

Great news for animators! Toon Boom has announced a new program to update "Digital Pro."

It's called "Animate Pro."

The coolest part of this program will be the ability to manipulate drawings in a 3-D space.

Several of my animations featured cars driving with the background moving from front to back. This simulation of a 3-D camera was actually a real pain in the neck with the current available programs. True, there is a limited 3-D capability in both "Digital Pro" and "Toon Boom Studio," but there are serious limits on the camera moves. On some of my animations, there are strange artifacts that start to appear with the cars on the road that I tried to conceal with character placement.

The 3-D camera will be very helpful in adding drama to limited animation. Yes, limited animation is wimpy, but when you are a lone animator and want to crank out a commercial spot quickly, you can maximize your quality by dramatic zooms or subtle perspective shifts.

"Animate Pro" will be a top end product for serious animators. The current upgrade prices seem very reasonable to me, though.

Check it out at


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