Rapid Animation

How fast can you create a new animation?

Can you create a regular animation for websites on an everyday or every other day basis, using one animator?

Yes, some artists have done this, but it is really difficult and often the animation is quite crude.

Can it look like some time may have been invested in the project? In other words, can you create something that looks like it took far longer than it really took you to create? In other words, “more for less?”

This past week, I traveled to CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas. Everyone is doing their own version of reporting and I wanted to add something unique to the website we were involved in creating for our regional newspaper at fredericksburg.com

The tool: Toon Boom Animate Pro and a Tablet PC

The result is at: www.fredericksburg.com/it/ces

Twenty-four hours prior to the show, I spent about five hours on a desktop with a Cintiq creating characters, backgrounds, and cameras for the animation. Toon Boom’s products allow you to create a library or template of characters

We spent ten hours a day reviewing the show and then dashed back to our hotel to add to the site. That meant only a few hours were available to animate. I used an older Fujitsu T4220 tablet PC for the work, which did the job, though I could have used a little extra horsepower. The animations were created by ONE person, me, and I was still able to get more than enough sleep.

The videos were uploaded to YouTube to allow access from multiple sites.

All of the major Toon Boom products: Animate Pro, Animate, and Studio allow the use of templates for character creation and rapid quality animation.


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